What are the best practices to track and manage changes, access logs, and create versioned analyses and dashboards in Amazon QuickSight

Our team frequently collaborates on Amazon QuickSight to create and modify analyses and dashboards. However, we struggle to track changes and identify who made what modifications, and sometimes have to revert back. We’re currently managing all this manually and it’s a big pain. Are there best practices for change management, access control, and logging within QuickSight to address this issue effectively? Additionally, can we utilize different analyses to publish the same dashboard, and how can we implement version control or revert to previous asset versions when needed?

you may use QuickSight Template to control dashboard version.
The best practice is to use 3 QuickSight Account to split into Dev/Test/Production environment. Once finished development in Dev Account, use Template to deploy the dashboard into Test Account. Template automatically creates version. If the testing is succeed, then you may use Template to release it from Test to Prod account. If it was failed, you may go back to re-develop in Dev Account.
You may refer to this blog for more details. BIOps: Amazon QuickSight object migration and version control | AWS Big Data Blog

You can use different analyses to publish to the same dashboard. However, if you are using embedded dashboard, instead of having multiple sheet into the same dashboard, you can split into different dashboard. So that you may divide it for different developers

Thanks for the clarification. We do have different accounts for QA and Prod but the concern is to track the changes in QA analysis since 3 different users are making changes to the same analysis. Is there a way we can track user changes in analysis?

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In cloud trail, it tracks changes date time and user of the visual. However, it didn’t track what exactly are the changes. Agree that it is difficult to maintain if multiple people are modifying the same analysis. And this is already in under feature request list

The latest release with eventbridge integration could be helpful to track changes ( Automate your Amazon QuickSight assets deployment using the new Amazon EventBridge integration | AWS Business Intelligence Blog )