What are the elements that consume Spice Capacity?


I wanted to know what are all the elements that contribute to Spice memory usage. I pulled datasets info and found that they contribute only 2/3 of the total usage.
Example: For a total used SPICE capacity of 150 GB, datasets constitute only 100GB. No idea what is consuming the rest of 50GB. Having a hard time optimizing memory usage.


Hi @lillie @Prachi. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Below is example of SPICE Usage : In my scenario I am using 55.2 GB of SPICE which is based on all of my datasets.

a few more details on what it means : amazon-quicksight-user-guide/managing-spice-capacity.md at main · awsdocs/amazon-quicksight-user-guide · GitHub

I assume from your example, you still have 50GB of SPICE capacity available.

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I pulled the ConsumedSpiceCapacity of all the datasets and it adds up to only 100 GB while my Spice Usage is still 150GB. So, I do not have 50GB available, rather I do not know what is using this 50GB. Were you able to actually check how much does the ConsumedSpiceCapacity of your datasets add up to? I am pretty sure they do not constitute all of that 55.2 GB, might be way less than that.