What Edit does Configure Incremental Refresh trigger?

We have a dataset imported with a custom SQL query from RDS PostgreSQL DB, and we would like to change the configuration of the incremental refresh, specifically decrease the window size used to look back. However I notice that just changing the configuration triggers a Manual, Edit type of refresh to the dataset, which also includes some kind of a query run on the RDS DB. What exactly is it?
Due to our set up, this is not ideal and we fear that if it is a bigger query, we might lose the dataset, since we can only run smaller queries. Is this “Edit” is some kind of a big complete refresh? Or does it only query the new smaller window?
Or I suppose there is no way to change the incremental refresh configuration without this trigger?

Hello @stepvacha !

Any time you make an edit to your incremental refresh settings, Quicksight will do a full refresh on the dataset and re-query the data according to the new settings for the refresh window. The following refreshes should only include rows that are within the window of time that you want to refresh in Quicksight.

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Thank you! This is what I feared was how it worked, unfortunately for us right now it’s not feasible to simply do a full refresh of the dataset, due to database limitations. Anyway, thanks again for the explanation!

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