What is the best practice link two Tabs on same dashboard

Hi All,
what is the best practice to link two tabs on the same dashboard.
My dashboard has 3 tabs and I want to be able to click on a row or a bar on the graph to take me to relevant tab within same dashboard. is there a feature for it? and how one perform this action?
and second question is can two dashboards be link together, for example I have two dashboard and I would like to click a field and that take me to second ( detail Dashboard) dashboard, and how do we perform such an action?

You can use navigation actions to take you to separate tabs. However, it will take you to the top of the screen. It won’t know where to scroll to.

You could use URL actions to take you to new dashboards. Tabs have a path associated with them so you would just need to hardcode the dashboard id and the tab id in the url action.

Thanks for the reply Max very useful :slight_smile: