What is the difference between embedding using API vs iframe?

I am trying to determine if I should embed a quicksight dashboard using iframe or the Embed API. It seems using the Embed API is less straightforward.

Could someone enlighten me on what the use cases for these two methods are? Why/when should I use one over the other? Are there any performance/responsiveness differences?

Thank you

There is more security involved in API since it generates Embed URL every time you call the API

Hi thank you for your reply. What do you think of the Embedding SDK? Is it more responsive than iframe?

I think you are referring to API vs 1-click embedding? Actually, both approaches are using iframe to embed. dashboard.

1-click embedding is more straightforward and it was designed for non-technical user to embed dashboard in internal web app such as wiki, sharepoint. Or they may embed dashboard in public website. If you are embedding in internal web app, you need to grant dashboard access for user. Users will be prompted to sign-in or you may enable SSO. If you embed in public website, everyone in internet can access and you cannot apply Row Level Security(RLS)

with API embedding, you can enjoy more functionalities such as RLS in both internal web app and public website. You may use namespace to isolate user group for multi-tenancy. And you can empower user to author dashboard

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