What's the best way to set up Top 2 Box charts from survey data?

How do you calculate Top 2 Box % from survey data questions?

Hey @Jamal_Scott! Thanks for asking your question. If we don’t hear back from one of the Community members today, I will message one of our Solution Architects tomorrow to see if we can get you a reply. Hope you are having a great weekend!

We’ll need more information.

Have you looked into insights?

Or are you talking about top n filter?

@Max I’m not familiar with insights but I have survey data where respondents answered 5 point scale questions. I have imported this data into Quicksight and I would like to know if there is an easy way to calculate the Top 2 Box (Very Satisfied / Somewhat Satisfied) from the 5 point scale for as many as 25 questions. Do I have to create a compute variable for each question/chart or can this be done in bulk?

Hi @Jamal_Scott

Depending on your data you should be able to create an insight that shows the top 2 boxes.