When drilling down on a visual, can you control other visuals drill down level too?


We have a dashboard with multiple visuals on it, each of which has the date value on the x axis.
When a user drills down on one visual, let’s say from Year to Quarter, is there anyway to make the other visuals follow suit (go from Year to Quarter) automatically/programatically?


I don’t think this is possible natively. However, you can perhaps get similar or equivalent behavior leveraging Slicers, Parameters and Calculated Fields.

Step 1: Create a Slicer (with parameter attached to it) with hardcoded values like “Year”, “Quarter”, “Month”, “Day” to allow you to choose the granularity of the Visuals.
Step 2: Create a calculated field based on the parameter created in the previous step
Step 3: Project that Calculated filed as the Dimension.

Please see the snapshot below for your reference. Hope this helps. In case, this solves your query, please mark this post as Solution. Cheers!!

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Hello @sagmukhe,

Your answer is very helpful, thank you!
When I try to implement it on our Clustered Bar Combo Chart, I’m running into trouble because it appears to want to have a date value on the x axis.

The problem is, we want to display either Year, Quarter, Month, Week or Day values (which need to be converted to text first) on the x axis.
Do you know of any way to do that?

Thanks again!

Hello @fip2 - Glad to know that my suggestions helped you. As I explained in my earlier post (as can be seen in the expression snapshot), the values need to be converted to Text first. You can use the below expressions. Let me know if this helps!

Order Year = formatDate({Order Date}, ‘yyyy’)
Order Quarter = concat(“Q”, tostring(extract(‘Q’, {Order Date})), " - ", tostring({Order Year}))
Order Month = formatDate({Order Date}, ‘yyyy-MM’)
Order Date = formatDate({Order Date}, ‘dd MMM yyyy’
Order Week = concat('WK - ', tostring(dateDiff(truncDate(“WK”, truncDate(‘YYYY’, {Order Date})), {Order Date}, ‘WK’)+1))

Note: For Week Calculation it is assumed that week is getting started on Sundays

Hello @sagmukhe ,

Thanks again for your help.
When I convert all of the date values to text, the visual throws an error saying the x axis isn’t in date format. Is there a way to use a text value on the x axis?

Yes, It is definitely do-able. I can seamlessly replicate it at my end by choosing a Clustered Bar Combo Chart itself having values assigned to each of the field wells. Please see the below snapshot. Hope this helps!

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Hi @fip2 , did this answer your question? If so, please help the community out by marking this answer as “Solution”. Thanks!

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