When I am trying to join two Data Sets then the data is automatically move to SPICE instead of Direct Query?

Dear Community,
Please help me on this.

I suppose when you join two direct queries then the result data set can be the direct query type. Otherwise when you want to join direct query data set with SPICE data set(s) or more SPICE data sets then the result data set must be a SPICE import type.

If you have multiple parent datasets in a join, you can choose direct query mode for your child dataset only if all the parents are from the same underlying data source.

@Mayank Even in my case. I have 2 direct query dataset sourcing data from same Postgres DB. However when I try to create new dataset by joining 2 direct query datasets it does not give me direct query option. It automatically moves to SPICE.

@nupura.sawle Just try to create a new datasets once more time by using your already created two datasets .
or else you can check the two datasets whether at the time of creation you select the Direct query mode and SPICE mode.
Please Diagnose step by step then only you will get the result.
I was also facing the same issues but it resolved.