When is adding visual programmatically going to be available

We have a control plane for our SaaS application and want to create visualizations within our provisioning process programmatically. Is there any timeline on this feature ? Also is there any plans for Neptune to be a data source without Athena connector ? Also at any point will you guys add Graph the ability to plot graph relationships on Quicksight?

@Wons Do you want to create visuals to an existing dashboards automatically? or you want to render/ create a standard visuals/ dashboard based on what the user chooses in your control pane?

Could you please elaborate more on the plotting graph relationships?

Hey @n_vetri exactly I want to render/ create a visuals/ dashboard based on our control and application plane programmatically.

Regarding the graph visualization, I was wondering if your team will be adding support for that. For example in your Neptune notebook you’re able to visualize graph request. Graph visualization in the Neptune workbench - Amazon Neptune

Also when will Neptune be database that can connect directly to Quicksight without the use of Athena ?

Also I have another question. We noticed that Quicksight has come out with metrics, but I don’t see any metric tracking user sessions. Is there a way to tell how much sessions a user has used? This is regarding capacity pricing and want to be able to track that.


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Hi @Wons
I order for you to render the existing visuals in your application, you can try visual embedding. Please see an example here: https://dm4j7qn6bn5ut.cloudfront.net/visuallibrary/index.html?id=anycompanyvisual

If you want to programmatically create a visual that does not exist in the QuickSight dashboard, then you will have to wait until Assets As Code becomes available. Its planned for this year.

For other questions, we recommend raising it as new questions as that will gain more it would help community to discover relevant questions.


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