When Select All Parameter Values in Sales Year and Sales Quarter, Is There Anyway Always Get Latest Sales Year and Quarter Values Display in Dash Board?

We have Sales Year & Sales Quarter Parameters in our Dash Board and Some time User can select all Values in Sales Year & Quarter (Even in Default also), But we have Requirement, even though all Sales Years & Quarters Selected, we need Latest Year and Quarter Value to be Display in Dash Board.

Ex: Below Screen Shot, you can see Sales Values from 2013 to 2022 Selected and Sales Quarter from Q1 to Q4 Selected. But I would like to see only Values of 2022 and Q2 in Dash Board. Is there any Simple Way to achive this?

Hi @gbramara -

It’s not currently possible to have a parameter automatically set to the latest value.

Depending on your use case a possible workaround might be using parameters in the URL. Using parameters in a URL - Amazon QuickSight

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