When will session metrics be available

We noticed that Quicksight has come out with metrics, but I don’t see any metric tracking user sessions. Is there a way to tell how much sessions a user has used? This is regarding capacity pricing and want to be able to track user sessions and cost.

Currently none of the provided metrics show sessions by user. You can get event data from CloudTrail logs (eventname=GetDashboard) but that’s not exactly 1:1 with sessions because they may have viewed multiple dashboards in the same 30-min window. For chargeback purposes it will be pretty close percentage wise.

In AWS Cost Explorer you will see total sessions used for you account as well as Free sessions (past $5 cap if on named user pricing), but not at the per-user level.

We acknowledge computing chargeback for reader sessions is not straightforward today and have plans to address it with more out-of-the-box metrics. Unfortunately I cannot comment on timeline in this public forum though.

I have set the admin console dashboard and want to count the number of events every 30 minutes. How can I do that?

Circling back on this - user-level session allocation in AWS Cost and Usage Reports (CUR) launched, which facilitates charge back. QuickSight now provides standardized user level cost and usage data