Where can I control pagination parameters?

Hi, I’m a bit embarrassed to ask this because I must be missing something obvious. The default pagination seems to be 100, 500, etc. items. How can I modify the # of items that makes up a page, say 15 or 25?

hi @Jonathan_Kaye

No need to be embarassed! Hopefully i can help.

Where exactly in the product are you referring to pagination? Additional details please.


Thanks Ramon! In the attachment,

I’ve pointed to the pagination control I’m talking about.


Hi @Jonathan_Kaye

Unfortunately to my knowledge these buckets are fixed and can’t be edited. Asking some peers and if i hear anything will update you here.

Ramon Lopez

hi @Jonathan_Kaye

Confirmed that its not possible OOTB. Below workaround was recommended by a colleague.

Create a rank calculation and use it a filter with a parameter to control how many rows are being displayed and hide the rank output.