Where can I find the data required to show monthly bills via QuickSight-Dashboard


my first post here as QuickSight-newbie, so hopefully you’ll be indulgent.

We’re using 24 AWS-accounts and for controlling purposes I want to have dedicated accounts in a report and show the following costs (1:1 from the monthly bill: “Summary Linked Account”) for the past three months only:
-Saving Plans (Charges covered by saving plans)
-Discount (Bundled discount)

Clicking on the account name should display these costs for every service (like in the monthly bill in “Details for linked Account”).

I already cloned the “Cost Intelligent Dashboard” (from the AWS-Workshop) and stripped down the analysis just to the remaining sheet “Billing Summary” and removed every visualisation except “AWS monthly report”.
This nearly suits my needs if I could add the mentioned costs from above.

Thanks a lot for helping.

Hello @tsch , welcome to the Quicksight community!

Are you looking for the charges associated with your accounts Quicksight usage or just generally looking for data in your database related to the fields you mentioned above?

Hello duncan,

and thanks for replying.
I’m genereally looking for charges related to the field I mentioned.
But I want to use QuickSight to show this charges to our controlling and our management.

Hi @tsch,

You can apply filter by charge_type column and include or exclude charges which you need. In this respective values according to your requirements will be:
-Charges = Usage
-Saving Plans = SavingsPlanUpfrontFee, SavingsPlanRecurringFee, SavingsPlanCoveredUsage, SavingsPlanNegation
-Discount = BundledDiscount and Discount
-VAT = Tax
You can find more details about charge types in Cost and Usage Report documentation Line item details - AWS Cost and Usage Reports

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Hello Yuriy,

thanks for helping. In which existing Dataset the Cost Intelligence Dashboard is based on do I find the fields:
-SavingsPlanUpfrontFee, SavingsPlanRecurringFee, SavingsPlanCoveredUsage, SavingsPlanNegation
-BundledDiscount and Discount

If I have to create a completely new dataset which is the required source?

Thanks a lot.

Hello @Yuriy,

I’m somehow stucked.
In which dataset used für the Cost Intelligence Dashboard can I find the required fields?

Hello @tsch !

Here is the AWS documentation on creating the report:

At section 15 it explains how to integrate the report into Quicksight:

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Hi, @tsch. We hope this solution worked for you. Let us know if this is resolved. And if it is, please help the community by marking this answer as a “Solution" (check box under the reply).

In summary_view dataset. Column name charge_type. You can add a filter to the visual by charge_type column, change filter type to custom filter list and specify all the values in a list:

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Thanks a lot.

Applying your filter I now get monthly Savings Plan and VAT but not the Charges (without VAT).

I thought VAT was the part of your initial request. You can remove Tax from the filter if you would like to exclude it. Could you please provide more details what exactly you mean by Charges?

Thanks for asking @Yuriy.

I’ll try to explain in more detail than in my initial post what I want to achieve with Quicksight:

I want to build dedicated Quicksight-reports using the cost-data from our Billing Account.
This costs should reflect 1:1 the amounts we get monthly in our AWS-bills as PDF.
I thought it as a good idea to make a copy the Cost Intelligence Dashboard (CID) and strip it down to just the same information we get in the monthly pdf-bills, because CID uses the data from our Billing Account too and.
So initially I just want the costs from the monthly pdf-bill in the section “Summary Linked Account” for the past three months only in a QuickSight report for all 24 of our AWS Accounts, consisting of:
-Charges: ???
-Saving Plans (Charges covered by saving plans): OK
-Discount (Bundled discount): OK

I think AWS somehow calculates the Charges in the pdf-bill for every account based on data from the Billing Account.

It would help a lot if the Charges by Account in the Billing Dashboard of our Billing Account in Bills could be displayed/calculated in the report.

Hello @tsch !

Following up on this, are you wanting Quicksight to run the same calculations as AWS does for your billing report?

If you can pull the data from the your billing report into Athena you should be able to get into Quicksight to start creating a dashboard or paginated report. That being said, you will be restricted to the data that is available.

For any billing specific questions or how they are calculated I would recommend either reaching out to your AWS account rep or the creating a support ticket. Here are the steps to open a support case. If your company has someone who manages your AWS account, you might not have direct access to AWS Support and will need to raise an internal ticket to your IT team or whomever manages your AWS account. They should be able to open an AWS Support case on your behalf.

Hi @duncan!

Bills from the Billing Dashboard “only” shows the costs including VAT. But I would like to have exactly the costs from the PDF-Bill in a QuickSight report.
I think the Analysis/Data the Cost Intelligence Dashboard uses should contain all the costs I want.
How can I use the underlying datasets in my modified Analysis/Dashboard/Report and get them updated every day?
Or can I modify the Analysis adding some new calculated fields without endangering the Cost Intelligence Dashboard.

I think everybody has noticed that I’m no BI/Controlling-Expert :wink:

@tsch I have never tried pulling the billing data into Quicksight, but if you are able to access the correct data then you should be able to create calculated fields on the analysis level to create the fields that you are looking for.