Where can I hire a QuickSight Expert to help with a Dashboard?

Despite not having a technical background, I learned about Quicksight in late December 21’, and found it to be great for my use case. I felt like I had a Space Ship, and proceeded to enroll in an intensive Python course, in addition to countless hours of videos, in order to extract as much value from the platform. However, the more I learn about the tool, the more I see that I may be missing functionality. Is there a good resource where I can find exclusively Quicksight talent? Unfortunately on the Amazon end of things, Quicksight isn’t too big of a deal because it doesn’t consume much, but the service hasn’t been around enough for there to be a good chunk of talent out there that is Quicksight specialized.

Any insight is appreciated!


Hello Eduardo. We will reach out to you directly to discuss. Best Regards.