Where can I see the relation between the objects within my team's QuickSight?

I’m working on a project to optimize the management of the QuickSight objects that are on my team AWS account.

To do so, I’m build tables containing the relation between our QS objects like which dashboards are from which dataset that are from which datasource… But I’m having trouble getting this kind of data.



click on user icon on top right corner, click on manage quicksight, and then from left nav bar, click on Manage assets.


With the instructions you sent I can see the assets, but I still can’t see the relational information about the objects as I asked on the title. Like, which dataset is being used by that analysis or dashboard.

Hi @guilopec - Welcome to AWS QuickSight and thanks for posting the question. If I understood your problem statement, you are looking for an approach or solution which will provide the lineage of the QuickSight artifacts. Unfortunately there is NO direct solution available now. You have to develop a custom solution using boto3 quicksight APIs. You need to list all dashboards, then for each dashboards, extract all analysis and table information. Please give a try and this can be a very good usecase for the whole community.

I am also tagging other experts to get their advise on this @duncan @David_Wong @sagmukhe

Regards - Sanjeeb


This can be achieved by leveraging the boto3 SDK methods. There’s a very good and detailed blog post around this topic. That should help you with the necessary implementation detail.

Hope this helps

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@guilopec If you are proficient with the command line, you can use the AWS CLI or the Boto3 library to build the table. Start by listing the dashboards. For each dashboard, use the describe command to obtain the dataset associated with it. Then, for each dataset, use the describe dataset command to get the datasource information.

refer below Apis
list_dashboards, describe_dashboard, describe_dashboard_permissions, describe_data_set

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Hello @Sanjeeb2022!

I already did the list and describe for the dashboards and analysis managed by my team AWS account. The problem is that I was looking for a way to get it automated for regular basis analyses, but by doing it on CloudShell, I don’t know how to automate it as well as how to clean the data extract from CLI. Currently, I’m loading the data manually from the JSON file that I got for the list and describe to an Excel sheet.

Hi @neelay I already did that, except the part of building the table.

I did the list and describe on the dashboard and analysis objects to get the relational between them, and the dataset each one originate. It will be a great improvement if I could construct the table directly on the CLI instead of manually building it on Excel after extracting the data from CloudShell.

Hi @guilopec - You can create a lambda function ( using python and boto3 api) and schedule the script via event bridge.

This way you can easily automate the activity. Please give a try.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hi @guilopec,
It’s been awhile since we last heard from you. Were you able to try Sanjeeb’s latest suggestion or are you still in need of additional assistance?

If we do not hear back from you within 3 business days, I’ll go ahead and archive this topic.

Thank you!