Where is QuickSight metadata stored?

@Rahul_Easwar @Sanjeeb2022
How can i retrieve metadata information of QuickSight, as i am unaware where the QuickSight metadata is stored.

Also i want to know the QuickSight dashboard name and the time taken by it to load, as currently cloudwatch is displaying details of only dashboard id , as it is time consuming to go to the dashboard id and use it in url to retrieve the dashboard name every single time manually


There is no access for metadata except the Datasets create/modifications. You can design or view you data model here. You can use SageMaker for data modelling in QuickSight

Naveed Ali

Hi @Akshaymanjunath
what kind of metedata do you want to retrieve?

Hi @ErikG
i want information on where the dashboard, dataset and analysis are stored and using this source i should be able to fetch metrics and attributes built in each of dashboard

Hi @Akshaymanjunath
you will not get where its stored but you can use the API to get more information about the assets (e.g. DescribeAnalysisDefinition)


@Akshaymanjunath - Please find the boto3 documentation link below for your reference. You can use the QuickSight API or SDK codes to retrieve the metadata in JSON format for all the related objects and their permissions. Please look for the describe* methods. Hope this helps!