Where to see the Namespace and details in the Quicksight

I have created couple of Namespaces in the CLI and added 2 user to it, But I dont see the Users as well as the namespaces on the Quicksight Console. I am the admin of the Quicksight account.

@kodimalar.sakthivel Do you have access to the asset management?


Hi @Max - Any reason I am not able to see asset management under manage QuickSight. I am the admin and our application is hosted in London region.

Regards -Sanjeeb

@Sanjeeb2022 what is the authentication method are you using for this account? AD, IAM federated or native QuickSight users


Hi @agmayan - I am using native QuickSight user.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Please check if all the IAM permissions are in place as listed in this blogpost Govern and manage permissions of Amazon QuickSight assets with the new centralized asset management console | AWS Big Data Blog

Also, to manage users in secondary namespaces today you will have to be in that namespace as a QuickSight admin and login using those credentials. Current admin UI does not support managing namespaces and users in an unified fashion.


@Sanjeeb2022 Let us know if Mayank’s response resolves this for you. Hope so! :slight_smile: Thx @agmayan!

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Hi @Max @agmayan ,

Yes I could see the Namespace dropdown on the Manage Assets! thank you!