While working on analysis the published dashboard will not display

I could of sworn while I was working on an analysis the public dashboard would display the past information on the dashboard until I publish the new analysis. As I was working on a new feature for my dashboard I received multiple escalations about the dashboard being unavailable. Was this never the case or was I just mistaken in the past? I just feel like the whole point of publishing the dashboard was to confirm the changes made in the analysis without interrupting my teams workflow through out the day. Sometimes these changes take time and I can not afford to explain this to multiple people throughout the day trying to get their data. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

What was the error message these users were receiving? I haven’t see this behavior before and like you, we are enhancing the analyses while our users are viewing dashboards. We have users around the world so there’s no time for us where some of our key dashboards wouldn’t be in use day or night.