Whitelist Quicksight embedded dashboard IP for us-west-2 region

We have Quicksight report in “us-west-2.quicksight.aws.amazon.com” region and embedding it in a web application. When the user enables the VPN, the embedded dashboard not loading. It might be because of the IP whitelist or restriction.

I have checked the IP whitelist doc mentioned below URL. It says, we have to whitelist IP for “us-west-2” region. AWS Regions, websites, IP address ranges, and endpoints - Amazon QuickSight

I am getting IP in response. Is there a recent update regarding the Quicksight us-west-2 region?


Which IP should I have to whitelist or

I don’t think there was an update. Have you tried either or?

Also is it a VPN or VPC? If a VPC you’ll need to allow quicksight to interact with it.

If the user can view the embedded dashboard when not connected to VPN and the issue only happens when on VPN, it’s likely that the VPN blocks websocket connections.

When you look at the console in your browser (press F12), you’ll see something like this:

For you it will be wss://websocket.us-west2.quicksight.aws.amazon.com. You have to ask IT to whitelist that.