Why am I getting Aws::QuickSight::Errors::UnsupportedPricingPlanException

I was embedding QuickSight dashboard as an anonymous user in my test and stage environment and it was working fine. But after deploying it on Production I am getting UnsupportedPricingPlanException. Can anyone please help me understand this? The dashboard I am using is same on all environment. The AWS user is different for PROD and NON-PROD environment, but the price plan for both of them is same and is something like Standard Edition. Why is it telling me to upgrade plan for PROD environment?

Hi @MalharD ,

Embedding works only with enterprise edition. If you have ADMIN capabilities, check your subscription : Amazon QuickSight subscriptions - Amazon QuickSight

1 AWS account = 1 QuickSight environment.
If you have PROD on another aws account, you would need to purchase capacity pricing there as well.

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Hi @MalharD

Pls let us know if you have further questions.

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