Why doesn't QuickSight have a date range selection control?

It is pretty cumbersome, and also not user-friendly to have two separate date fields. Why not have a widget like on hotel booking sites where a range of dates can be selected?

Hi @m0ltar -

I agree this is a great feature suggestion.

If you are already embedding your dashboards (upcoming ask the expert). Some workarounds are practical using parameter in the url and JavaScript.

Example - JavaScript Date Range Picker:


Hi @robdhondt, thank you for the suggestion. We are considering doing this. However, it is not clear on how to access the controls or parameters programmatically. Because we cannot hard-code specific reports & controls. We need to be able to adapt to any dashboard based on the parameter used.

So we technically could do this by convention. E.g. if (field startDate is present && field startDate is present) then display the custom picker.

But just unclear on how to access the list of controls that the dashboard supports.


Hi m0ltar. Perhaps, I’m missing something. We do have a date range option. If you create a filter with between on a date then you can get this.

Then when you add the filter to the sheet you get this:

But this creates two date fields. I am talking about a UI component that looks like this:

This allows you to select a range between two dates.

Technically it is the same thing, but UI/UX wise, I think it’s a better user experience.

Also having something like the shortcuts on the left (Last 7 days) is a nice touch and makes it easier for users:

Hi, thanks for the feedback! We are considering to add more user-friendly date control type, such as the two-end slider, and the date range picker Rob presented also looks very useful. More to come this year for more control types.

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