Why is showing the Max Date so difficult?

I like to show the max date [i.e. Max(someDate)] in my dashboards as an easy way to see how recent the data is. For example, if the dashboard is showing orders or concessions, I want to see a single value field that shows the max date in the dataset.

I found that the single value control does not support the max aggregation for date fields. My workaround for this is to use a Pivot table and then try to strip down the column and row headers to get close to a single date.

See ‘As of Date’ in the image below. I’d like to be able to spit this data out using the same controls that you see of the left of the As of Date control.

Is there a better way? I’m sure I tried creating a calculated field (though it’s been a while and I’m not sure).


Confirmed - can not use a calculated field for this.

Hi @brogowicz!
There is a product feature request logged to be able to provide the data refresh date as a parameter to add to dashboards. In the meantime, I use a similar approach as you have shown to show maxDate. I take all the borders and headers off the table visual, but typically leave a cell background. I use free form layout so I can overlay visuals. With this method you can get the date into the overview/title visual area (the left visual in your case) and save some screen space.


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Hi @Kellie_Burton Do you know the timeline when this feature will be available?


Any update on this request?

I want the same feature. Given a series of dates , I would like to find the max(date) for that month period…is there an inbuilt function to do this?

Same here, as it is a very common feature. How can we do it? Is there a workaround while we wait? Thks!

You can use window functions, but make sure to specify your partition and calc level: