Why no option to move a filed to right Y axis in bar chart like we have in line chart

@Thomas @Max @Naveed
I need to move a field to right Y- axis which is in % format?
why there is no option for it like in line chart ?

Hello @SanthoshV, it might not be letting you move it because then it will leave the x-axis field empty. If you replace the field you want to move, then you should be able to drag it to the proper field well. I might be misunderstanding the issue, if that is so please feel free to clarify!

No. I wanted to move one field to right y axis and keep other in left y axis since they have different number formatting

But that feature is available in line chart only , not in bar chart

Hello @SanthoshV, okay I see the issue now. Yes, you are correct, that is only showing on the line graph for me as well. I can mark this as a feature-request but for now if you want to switch between which displays on the right or left, change the order the fields are shown in the field well. The value on top will show on the left and the value on the bottom will show on the right.