World cloud using long sentences


I have a feedback data where long statements are provided. When I pass this value in a variable to form a word cloud, it builds a statement cloud than a word cloud. How do I make the word cloud.
Sample data:

The way my management treats my opinion matters. My managers are in reach when ever I foresee an Issue.
The work culture and the understanding nature
The work environment and the role of Management is very Nice
The work place, ethics , discipline and mainly friendly nature
The workplace is always positive and convenient to work
This company is very nice and excellent environment
Thoughtful leaders, opportunity to try new things and scope of learning, growth opportunity, people friendly

Hi Kumar - this will need some more data preparation to split each word into its own value/row. Theoretically you would need to split this column on each ‘space’, and then unpivot those columns into a single column (with multiple rows). Should be able to accomplish this using AWS Glue DataBrew.

Thanks @Jesse . I was hoping if there is a straightforward way to get this. But, this is helpful. Thanks so much!

Hi @Jesse, help with the route to what you just mentioned here. Also, doing this would cause inconsistency (duplicity of rows) with the other the data rows which we are implementing, right?

Correct it would duplicate the values across those new rows when you unpivot columns. You can de-duplicate the numerical values using our Level Aware Aggregation functions (LAAs), like minOver(some value field, [unique id field], PRE_AGG) which will only count the values once.