Wrong average calculated by quicksight

Hi Peeps,

in my table, I wanted to get an average “completion rate” for each module.
I was able to achieve that and I get the average for each module.
But when I choose to show the built in “Show Total” of the visual, it gives me a wrong total average.
Is there something I’m missing out?
Thank you for your answers

Hello @worldlife - Setting up the aggregation to average should automatically take care of this. Sharing a sample snapshot for reference. Do you have a sample of the visual? That will certainly help to understand the problem statement better.


Hi @worldlife – In addition to what @sagmukhe mentioned above , please note average at the grand total will calculated by separately as shown below .

Did my suggestion help you in resolving your query? If yes, would request you to mark the post as “Solution”.

Hello and thank you all for your replies, find below a sample screenshot of the table.
Yes all of that makes sense obviously and I actually found my way of properly showing the solution

here you can see both averages, but the total average are different

avg_calculation_1 is a simple calculated field with


avg_calculation_2 is different and it shows the correct value


I guess it needs to see the dimensions for LAC, but I don’t clearly understand why the first solution is not enough to show the correct total avg.