WW SPS Quality Auditing Program Dashboard / Original dashboard (Modified)

Quality Auditing Program Dashboard → Programs Overview → 1.14 Associate Login Performance Overview

Associates logins are not showing.

Under Associate login tab it is currently showing as “NULL”.

Previously it used to show all associates individual performance. Any issue?

Hi @Joe_Jaspher_David! Sorry for the long time gap before you received a response. Help me to better understand the issue you are experiencing. Is this a dashboard that you and/or your organization built? Sounds like there could be a possible dataset issue but I need a little more info.

Can you share a screenshot of the error so that the community can see the type of error that you are experiencing.

One quick way to troubleshoot is to create a table and add the field that is currently showing null to see if any values appear. Make sure that no filters are applied to this table as this will help with the troubleshooting.

Hi Todd, The issue seems to be fixed. Logins are showing in the quick sight dashboard.
Attached screenshot for your reference. Thank you :slight_smile: