You don't have permission to auto-discover this type of AWS resource. Contact a QuickSight administrator and request resource access

I have the quicksight valid connections. I was able to work on the dashboards , create analysis.

Since 2 days I am getting, this error out of no where while updating a datasource or creating a new datasource.

datasource- RDS

“You don’t have permission to auto-discover this type of AWS resource. Contact a QuickSight administrator and request resource access.”

Note: My auto-discover feature is already enabled for the AWS RESOURCES.

Please let me know the solution.

Please check below picture for reference.

Thank you

Hi @dsahu,

Thank you for posting.

You will need to grant permission to the particular resource or service you want to auto discover. Please review the steps below.

To enable or disable the AWS services that Amazon QuickSight can access
  1. Sign in to Amazon QuickSight at
  2. At the upper right, choose your user name, and then choose Manage QuickSight.
  3. Choose Security & permissions.
  4. Under QuickSight access to AWS services, choose Add or remove.A screen appears where you can enable all available AWS services.
  5. Select the check boxes for the services that you want to allow. Clear check boxes for services that you don’t want to allow.If you have already enabled an AWS service, the check box for that service is already selected. If Amazon QuickSight can’t access a particular AWS service, its check box is not selected.To fix this, the system administrator needs to delete the IAM policy listed in the error message and reload the Security & permissions screen before you try again.
  6. Choose Update to confirm, or Cancel to return to the previous screen.


Thank you @demola for the response,

  1. As mentioned above, we have already checked the relevant boxes that we want the auto discovery feature to be enabled. However, it is still reflecting the similar error.

can you please let me know, about this.

  1. Also, If we modify the existing security Security Group (add/alter) SG to the vpc connection, of the data source, will it hamper the existing analysis or dashboards created through that datasource

Thank you

The existing analysis and dashboard will not be affected. Please do let me know the outcome of 2.


Thank you @demola , any suggestions on the issue 1. Because I am not able to go forward with creating the dataset because of the error, for the RDS.

Next step will be to open a support case from the AWS console to enable our support team troubleshoot this issue with you.