YoY Change up to current month

Hey there, how do I calculate a YoY change (up to date)? Meaning I only want to compare this year (we are now in September) to last year but only until September too.

I would make a calculated field that allows you to filter out values you don’t want.

is_before_this_month = ifelse(extract(‘MM’,{arrival_timestamp})<=extract(‘MM’,now()),‘Use’,‘Do Not Use’)

Then you would have your regular YoY change but only filter to is_before_this_month values of Use.

Let me know if that’s what you’re looking for

Hi Max, thanks for helping! Yes that could work. However it doesn’t work for me :frowning: I have changed it a bit cause I already have the month but it still says Errors found in the syntax. Can’t figure out what tho.

ifelse({month-date}<=extract(‘MM’,now()),‘Use’,‘Do Not Use’)

You’ll need to extract the month from {month-date}. The extract function returns an integer where as I’m assuming the {month-date} returns a date.

It worked!!! Thank you so much!


Welcome to the QuickSight Community, @Patrizia_Buompastore! :slight_smile: I am Kristin, the new Community Manager here. So nice to meet you!

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Hi Kristin, nice to meet you too! I have found this community so helpful so far! Thank you so much!

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Wonderful! I am so happy to hear that @Patrizia_Buompastore! :slight_smile:

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