YTD MTD QTD WTD data representation in WBR


Please help me with base data file structure in order to get the data in attached format for WBR purpose.

I am not able to put periodtype and period name as per above attached.

I need same format for my WBR as per attached

I don’t believe this is possible.

For the strucutre it would look like this.

Grouping Type | Sub group | Value
Year-Month | 2023-14 | 2189
Year-Month | 2023-15 | 1958
month | Jan | 5150
month | feb | 7288
quarter | Q1 | 21,363

Then you would add the grouping type and sub group to your columns.

The issue I believe would be that for each of your Grouping Type’s it would list out all sub groups (whether or not they are part of the grouping type or not). For instance it would say

2023-14 | 2023-15 | Jan | Feb | Q1

I can mark this as a feature request.