Zoom level in a bar chart


I have a bar chart that looks like this with the default zoom level (data zoom enabled).

Sometimes when a filter is applied, the width of the bars changes because there are fewer bars to display. The problem with the fixed zoom level is that it’s very easy to miss some of the bars. At first glance it looked like the filter gave me only 2 bars.

There are actually 5 bars when I adjust the zoom level.

One way to address this is to remove the data zoom but then the bars are too skinny when there are no filters.

I’m wondering if there’s a better way to address this. Would setting a fixed width for the bars help? Has anybody seen a good solution in another BI tool?

Once again, love your color choice here, @David_Wong! I will ping the team on this on Monday. In the meantime, I invite folks from the Community to share ideas. :slight_smile: