Access for a Temporary Hire (Level 99 - Green Badge)

Wondering if there is any way to provide Quicksight access to a Level 99/GreenBadge employee/ Temporary Hire? We need them to be able to see the Fleet dashboard in order to help us monitor volumes and invoices.

Hope you can advise what the process is for providing them access? Thanks!

Hi Kim-

Are you looking to provide access to AmazonBI? If they have attempted to login to amazonBI- what error are they receiving?


Hi Ramon! Yes access to AmazonBI - the error page says they do not have access to view this. And when I asked the Quicksight Admin to add her alias/login details, her name was not coming up. Just wondering what the process is to add a Level 99/ green badge holder to Quicksight?

Got it @Kim_Jones

For questions regarding our internal Quicksight deployment lets take this to direct message and i’ll share the contact info of who can help you.

Ramon Lopez