Add both sum and percent in data label

How can I add the percentage as well as sum of a numeric column in my bar chart? I’ve designed a bar chart with categories on the X-axis and the values denote the sum of packages. This chart is further grouped by another variable with three categories.
Currently, the data label displays the sum of packages. I’m trying to include the percent of packages as well (percentage based on both categorical variables). Is this doable?

Please note: Using percentofTotal is not working

Hi, I dont think you will be able to display percent of package as an additional label. You may have to create a calculated field to compute percent of total and use that in tooltip.
Below is a screenshot that shows Sales as lables on the bar and Percent of Total sales in tooltip.


Hi @Karthik_Tharmarajan thank you very much for sharing the solution. Can you please share the calculated field formula for the ‘% of Total’ field? I’m trying to design something similar using the percentOfTotal function in QuickSight but not able to get accurate results.