Add colours to geo locations on map

Following on from a question I had answered in :

I am now trying to work out how to add colours to my map visual to differentiate different locations in regions.

I have grouped locations by regions using a calculated field so that it can be used in a drop down menu.

for example, if i clicked ‘East Midlands’
I’d like thhat East Midlands,Derby,Leicester,Nottingham shown as different colours on the map so they can be differentiated

Below is what it looks like at the moment. I have tried adding the calculated field to the ‘colour’ well and also the orginal ‘location’ field to the ‘colour’ well but with no luck

Thank you very much in advanced QuickSight Community :slight_smile:

There is an option that would change the way the user would interact with the dashboard but would achieve your goal. First, swap the order of your two fields in the color by field well so that Departments/Regions is at the top. That should immediately change the color of your regions.

When the dashboard is published the user will hover over the right corner of the visual and click on “drill down” to see the individual components of a region. The second way is to hover your mouse directly over the region on the map and the option to drill down will be there. The second option will drill down just to that specific region.

Thank you

Unfortunatley it still doesnt work - i think the issue here is that when i hover over the locations (in this example) they are all ‘east midlands’

I think this is because in the calculated field, many variables are asscociated with the one variable (east midlands)

Are you certain that the calculated field is working as expected? Do any other Regions actually appear in the calculated field?

I’m pretty sure, here is the code i’ve used below :
{Location} = “East Yorkshire & Lincs” OR {Location} = “Humberside” OR {Location} =“Lincolnshire” , “East Yorkshire & Lincs”,
{Location} = “London” , “London”,
{Location} = “North East & Cumbria” OR {Location} =“Cumbria” OR {Location} =“Newcastle” OR {Location} =“Tees”, “North East & Cumbria”,
{Location} = “North West” OR {Location} = “Lancashire” OR {Location} =“Manchester” OR {Location} =“Merseyside”, “North West”,
{Location} = “South” OR {Location} =“Berkshire” OR {Location} =“Dorset” OR {Location} =“Hampshire & Isle of Wight” OR {Location} =“Oxfordshire”, “South”,
{Location} = “South East” OR {Location} =“Kent” OR {Location} =“Surrey” OR {Location} =“Sussex”, “South East”,
{Location} = “South West” OR {Location} = “Cornwall” OR {Location} =“Devon” OR {Location} =“Channel Islands” OR {Location} =“Jersey” OR {Location} =“Guernsey”, “South West”,
{Location} = “West” OR {Location} =“Bristol” OR {Location} =“Gloucestershire” OR {Location} =“Somerset” OR {Location} =“Wiltshire”, “West”,
{Location} = “West Midlands” OR {Location} =“Birmingham & WM” OR {Location} =“Coventry & Warwickshire” OR {Location} ="Hereford & Worcester " OR {Location} =“Shropshire” OR {Location} =“Stoke”, “West Midlands”,
{Location} = “Yorkshire” OR {Location} = “Leeds” OR {Location} =“Sheffield” OR {Location} =“York”, “Yorkshire”,
{Location} = “East Midlands” OR {Location} = “Derby” OR {Location} =“Leicester” OR {Location} =“Nottingham”, “East Midlands”,
{Location} = “East” OR {Location} = “East (Norwich)” OR {Location} =“East (Cambridge)” OR {Location} =“Cambridgeshire”
OR {Location} =“Essex” OR {Location} =“Norfolk” OR {Location} =“Northampton” OR {Location} =“Beds/Bucks/Herts” OR {Location} =“Suffolk”, “East”,“Other”)

Can you share a screen shot of what you are seeing after you drill down?

It should work how you expect when you drill down.

The drill down should be to location as well.