How to add multiple values in a drop down with different values assigned to them

I have a geographical map, I want to create a drop down with multiple values:

East Midlands
East Yorkshire & Lincs
North East & Cumbria

and then group the regions by multiple locations, for example:

East = East (Norwich),East (Cambridge),Cambridgeshire,Essex
East Midlands = East Midlands,Derby,Leicester,Nottingham
East Yorkshire & Lincs = Humberside,Lincolnshire
North East & Cumbria = Cumbria,Newcastle,Tees

The locations are values stored in my dataset under 1 column. The title (region) would be a custom parameter/variable I choose the name of.

I’ve attempted to do this in multiple ways but cannot work it out :frowning:

Thank you in advanced.

If I understand your problem correctly you want to have the following values in your control:

  1. East
  2. East Midlands
  3. East Yorkshire & Lincs
  4. North East & Cumbria

Have you been able to successfully create the calculated field to group the locations into regions? For that you’d just need to use:

{location} = ‘East (Norwich)’ OR ‘East (Cambridge)’, OR ‘Cambridgeshire’ OR ‘Essex’, ‘East’,
{location} = ‘East Midlands’ OR ‘Derby’ OR ‘Leicester’ OR ‘Nottingham’, ‘East Midlands’,
{location} = ‘Humberside’ OR ‘Lincolnshire’, ‘East Yorkshire & Lincs’, ‘North East & Cumbria’

Once you have your calculated field you’ll then want to create a a parameter and control and then link the control to the visuals using a filter:

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Thank you very much for your response @todd.hoffman - I tired the solution and it worked ! Thank you :slight_smile:

Do you know if it is possible to change the colour for the different locations which make up the region using the solution you’ve provided ?

What specifically are you wanting to color? Is this a map? Or are you wanting to change the color of text?

So now the drop down in completely working as it should, however Ideally I’d like to show the different locations on the map when i selection a region

for example, if i clicked ‘East Midlands’
I’d like thhat East Midlands,Derby,Leicester,Nottingham shown as different colours on the map so they can be differentiated

Thank you

You should be able to add {location} in the color field well.

Unfortunatley its not differenting the locations making up the ‘regions’

You can add two fields to the color field well and then drill down. Place {Region} as the top color and {location} as the second color value.

Unfortunatley thats not working :frowning: