Add filters to Sheet: Horizontal filter section

Hello Team,

I am adding few of my filters to the Analysis Sheet and keeping the control as “List - multi select”

But there is no way to keep the orientation as horizontal, by default it is vertical.

  1. Date category : -Month -Year -Quarter
  2. Date category:
  • Month
  • Year
  • Quarter

Is there any way to turn the filters horizontally just like plain old radio buttons?

Help needed desperately,
Thanks for the help in advance,


No option yet.

Naveed Ali

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Hi @ajinkya_ghodake, We can enable radio button option however they would be vertically arranged as shown below. I can take your request back to the team for feature request to provide an option to arrange the values horizontally.

I will mark this as solution however if you have additional questions please feel free to get back to us.


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It would be really great to have vertical alignment for these filters.
Maybe auto alignment of filter values as horizontal + vertical based on grid size would be great.

Please let me know the status of the request once raised, or add me to the UAT side.