Adding custom comments by readers

Hi, do we have any feature in the pipeline to allow users to add custom comments on the dashboard?
We are a reporting team in Operations and we want to build a dashboard for our leaders to view WBR report with a supporting deep dive view. For the deep dive our users would like to add their own comments to add more context on the callouts or bottom performing KPI’s.

You can add insights or text boxes to your dashboards that give descriptions.


Hi Max, thanks for the response. Unfortunately, those visuals become read-only once they are published to a dashboard. I am looking for a way to allow our readers who may only have access to the dashboard and not the other objects (like analysis) a way to add their own comments on the callouts.

Ahh I see. That is currently not possible. I can mark this as a feature request.

Hello @iamshah , a workaround you can use is the custom visual content


Here you can embed any embedded content that is reachable from the end user browser (including private websites).

As it is an iframe, it supports cookie sessions, so for example you can embed a Google Docs document (or any collaborative page you might want to use) to provide with such functionality to the readers.

Hope it helps, please mark this solution as solved if that’s the case also to help other members of the community., otherwise let us know.

Happy dashboarding!

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Hi Enrique, we are exploring this visual + wiki page. But given it embeds the entire page, users have to scroll through the header and elements before getting to the comments space. I am not sure if I am missing any configuration on my end or it is supposed to work that way. Do you know if we have anything in the roadmap to enable comments exclusively within QuickSight dashboard?

Hello @iamshah , yes if the wiki contains a banner and a wide section it will be forcing scroll. Here the idea would be to embed a simplified version of the wiki (maybe there is an option for mobile or to make it embedded) so it can fit in the visual without scrolling.

Nevertheless, I will mark this as a feature request as at AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. Your feedback helps us build a better service.

Thank you!