Adding logo to the dashboard and to emailed PDF report

I have a company logo in the dashboard( inserted using insights). But the logo is not reflecting in the PDF report of the same dashboard. Please help me if I am missing anything.


HI @Mounika, perhaps you could try to add the logo using the custom content visual (used for embedding websites and images). Using this visual and the below instructions will allow you to see the image/logo in an email report as well as a downloaded PDF.

The URL must be public, i.e. OneDrive using the url feature. If the file for the image is stored locally on your machine, the image will not be visible.

You can find supporting documentation here: Using Custom Visual Content in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

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Furthermore, here is an example of a PDF Export from the same sheet in the same Dashboard

Thanks Reid, This approach worked for me. I really appreciate your time in helping

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Mounika, can you mark this as solved :grin: