Visual not rendered in PDF export


When downloading a dashboard as PDF, the visual is not kept and is replaced by a “No data” message instead (cf. attached screenshot).

According to the documentation it is not supported for email exports but it seems that it should work for PDF exports.

Does anyone know if this is supposed to work (according to this previous thread it seems to)?

Thanks a lot for your feedback,


same problem for me.
This was working last week.

Thanks your response, sounds like a bug then.

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Our large table chart ran into issues too. Only the on screen rows and columns are in the pdf, the rest are not.

Thanks for reporting. We are investigating this and will let you know when we have an update

The same is occurring to me today. Last week the images were working fine. Has any workaround been found already?

I solved it by using the Insight visual insted of the Personalized visual content

  1. Add a visual
  2. Chose the Insight visual type.
  3. Click on customize insight
  4. Add an image
  5. Enter image link
  6. Save

This Insight images are rendered in the PDF and also in the email reports

Thanks for the help!
I changed the visual to insight and it fixed most of the images, but one of them is still with error…

Thank you for reporting this, we have identified a solution and are testing internally prior to getting it rolled out.

Hi Rahul, is there any update on this solution being rolled out? We are still having issues with our image urls in PDF exports.


Sorry for the inconvenience, and apologies for the delay. The fix is in the process of being rolled out, and I will post an update here when completed.


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Hi Rahul, would you have any news about the rollout? Would be great to have it very soon now, I have customers waiting for it before publishing new dashboards.

Thank you very much.

The fix is being propagated through the regions but do not have an ETA that I can share at the moment unfortunately.

Hi Rahul,

Any news on the rollout of the bug fix?

We urgently need to produce Quicksight PDFs with images for some customers. We will have to look for alternative BI tools (powerBI, tableau) if the fix rollout is not imminent in EMEA which we are not keen to do.

Hi Colin,

I do apologize for the delay, the fix is still in the process of being propagated through the various regions [unfortunately taking slightly longer than expected]. I will send an update as soon as I receive confirmation that the fix is available in all regions, but in the interim you could test in your respective region as the fix may already have been deployed.


Hi @Rahul_Easwar,

I do confirm that It’s all good in eu-west-1 :tada:.

Thank you very much, customers will be very pleased.

The deployment of the fix is now complete. If you see any issues please work with your account manager to raise a support ticket so we can work with you directly.

Thanks, and appreciate your patience.

Hey @Rahul_Easwar ,

I’m experiencing a different problem, where pivot table image only render partial data whereas the PDF was able to render the full data. We have not experienced this until two days ago, in Asia Pacific (Singapore). Can someone look into this? Thanks

Hi Wei,

We will need a bit more information to determine what could be going on here, could you follow these steps to open a support case so that we can help you further: Creating support cases and case management - AWS Support. If your company has an internal IT team, you might not have direct access to AWS Support and will need to raise an internal ticket to your IT team. They’ll open an AWS Support case on your behalf.