Amazon Q in QuickSight simplifies data exploration with Generative BI capabilities (Preview)

Posted On: Nov 28, 2023

Today, Amazon QuickSight announces three new natural language capabilities enabled by Amazon Q for business users. Launching in preview, these capabilities can summarize dashboards, generate mini dashboards to answer data questions, and build stories explaining data.

First, executive summaries provide business users an at-a-glance view of key insights and automatically compare data period over period to surface important trends. Second, a new data Q&A experience helps business users confidently answer questions beyond their dashboards and reports. Amazon Q in QuickSight suggests sample questions to start, generates mini dashboards presenting related data to explain answer context, and provides best available answers for vague questions. For example, a prompt of “marketing campaigns” can summarize lead generation across marketing campaigns, with a breakdown by individual campaigns over time. And, third, business users can now generate data stories, a new type of customizable interactive data document, using simple natural language prompts to help better explain data. For example, a marketing manager might ask Q, “Create a story that shows how our social marketing campaigns performed from Nov to Jan and include recommended actions.” QuickSight Q would then generate a story describing campaign performance and recommendations with data visualizations and text summaries. This information can then be presented either in an interactive blog-like format or as a slide presentation.

These new Amazon Q capabilities, in addition to the dashboard authoring capabilities, are available in preview to Amazon QuickSight Q subscribers in the US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon) AWS Regions.

For more information, see the AWS Business Intelligence Blog.

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Great stuff. Any roadmap for the Sydney region?

@zacwoodall Anything we can say about Sydney? (See question above from @dineshr.)

@dineshr Sydney is on our short list for expansion, no dates to share today, but please stay tuned.


Hi @zacwoodall Any news about Ireland region?

@zacwoodall @alaresch Is it expected to be announced soon for other regions, such as Ireland?

Yes Ireland is also in our plans, please watch our announcements in coming months for availability. In the mean time, Frankfurt is available today for EU customers.

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Hey @zacwoodall , any news about Sydney region?

Ireland is indeed on our radar. Keep an eye out for updates in the coming months regarding its availability. In the meantime, our services are accessible in Frankfurt for our EU customers starting today. my learning


I’ve noticed that it’s somewhat available in Ireland, but not with all the features.

In the video (, I still don’t see the build functionality as shown.

Dear AWS team,

Could you provide a timeline for when generative bi capabilities will be available in the Ireland region?

This has become a nightmare for me because our management is pushing to get this done. I have only two options: wait endlessly or move everything to another region, which won’t be an easy task due to our large datasets and numerous data sources. If we choose to move to another region, Athena sources will pose a significant problem for us, as QuickSight can only access Athena within the same region.

If we could at least get a timeline, then we could evaluate our options. However, staying in the dark like this will cause significant trust issues for many companies, not just ours.


We plan to support Q in QuickSight in Ireland before Fall @haythoo.

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