Amazon QuickSight adds support for Pixel-Perfect dashboards

Amazon QuickSight now supports pixel-perfect dashboards with the new free-form layout mode. Free-form layouts provide authors with precise, pixel-level control over the size and placement of visual elements on QuickSight dashboards, including support for overlapping content. In addition, authors can also set additional attributes for QuickSight visuals in free-form layout, including background color, transparency, border color, selection color as well as visibility of the loading animation, visual context menu and on-visual menu. Free-form layout also supports conditional rendering of visual elements, which allows authors to show or hide content based on QuickSight parameter values, enabling context sensitive display of text, visuals and images. The combination of these options allows QuickSight authors to showcase their creativity by creating complex, interactive dashboards that allow end-users to understand key insights from their data.

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