Is this possible to give ui to aws-quicksight dashboards?

I have made a dashboard in AWS Quiksight, but my client wants to give the UI to that dashboard. It is possible in quicksight?
I am attaching an image of the expected UI.

Some parts will be possible see a blog as reference but you need to give it a try.

For including the dashboard in the client’s product you can use embedding: Embedding QuickSight data dashboards for everyone - Amazon QuickSight

It is doable with the free-form layout: Types of layout - Amazon QuickSight
Some of the examples can be found in demo central: Click the right hand side top of the sample dashboard you can view the sample analysis.
However, by default, quicksight only allow 30 visuals per sheet. You have to contact your account manager to increase the limitation to a higher number. From the UI sample screenshot, you probably need 50-60 visuals per sheet.