Is this possible to give ui to Aws-Quicksight dashboards? I have made a dashboard in AWS Quiksight , but I want to give the UI to that dashboard. It is possible in Quicksight? Help, please

attaching an image of the expected UI.

Hi Pankaj - can you be more specific when you say you want to ‘Give a UI’ to the dashboard? do you mean add filter and parameter controls? Or are you referring to the coloring?

both filters and coloring.

Yes absolutely - I would recommend going through the modules in our Author workshop, which cover all these concepts.

Is this possible to add colors in dropdowns? like the above image.

You can change the color of the background of the dropdown control itself if you use the Free Form layout mode (in Settings menu in your Analysis), but not color the values inside the dropdowns.

I’ll mark as a feature request. Thank you