API / Programmatic Creation of Sheets and visuals

I have visual data available to bind in the sheet for example (positions and types of visuals and controls with source data) and I want to update the analysis with my updated sheets programmatically.
Here are a few things I’d like to accomplish by programmatically creating analyses:

  • Eliminate Manual Work: Creating Quicksight reports involves a lot of repetitive click-and-drag work. It would be more efficient to replace this with code.
  • Improve Re-usability: Re-using content in Quicksight is a very click intensive manual process. Code is easier to reuse for similar work.
  • Improve Precision: Click-intensive manual processes are naturally error prone. Giving users the ability to script out analysis creation reduces the potential for error.

Thanks in advance!

This is currently not supported because quicksight is based on the idea of templates.

However, in the future this might be possible with the introduction of “Assets of Code”

@max, I did not find any demo features like “Assets of code”, could you please help me?

It looks like that url is no longer available.

However, they are in the process of developing it and to my understanding allows you to use JSON objects to describe visuals / analysis so that you can use it programatically.

Hi @Max, Thanks for the reply,

Could you provide a tentative date for this feature release?
Where should I get this feature update? Is there any Uri/Path to follow?

I can’t provide a date for when this feature release is going to happen. Although it is a highly requested feature and I know they are working on it.

Once the update is available I’m sure there will be a press release / documentation and it will be natively in the Application / APIs.

I would suggest reaching out to your AWS / QuickSight Account Manager for more information.