Attaching URL Link

I already have on select action enabled for sample column like if I click on value 4 on sample column it will reflect the 4 sample names in the next table.
My Queries

  1. Now If I click on the value of Genus column , it should get redirected to other webpage . it should be like ON-SELECT.
  2. I want to change the font color of title “TAXONOMY DISTRIBBUTION AT THE GENUS LEVEL”.

you need to use URL Action for table visual

I already have on-select option for one col. I want to have on-select action for this col too. Is there any solution for that ? And i also want to have Genus col to be in blue

@Mirnalini can’t you try multiple actions?
Note : actions are tied with the row-level data, not the cell-level data.

Completely new to quicksight! Could u pls guide me regarding that ? How to achieve that ?