Cell level Selection

Can we have two or more ON-SELECT action in single visual ? Or how do I achieve column level selection in the table visual

Hi @Mirnalini
Can you please explain what you want to achieve by selecting a cell value? Also, is it a measure or a dimension field that you want to select?


I have set on-select action for the column “SAMPLE”. Can I have another on-select action “for Age Group” . ? @n_vetri

Hello @Mirnalini, while you are able to add more than one action to a single visual, QuickSight does limit it to a single on select action and then will require a menu option action for the next action.

What I would recommend, is add Menu Option filters for each of the columns you want to filter by and add names that include the row value. An example would be Filter <<City>>, and the menu action would show Filter New York City in my options. Otherwise, you can set an on select that will filter based on multiple column values from a single row.

Since those are both alternative options for what you would like to accomplish, I will also tag this topic as a feature request for multiple on select column level actions on a single table. Thank you!