Filter action on selecting Table's cell

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I have a table that contains lets say 4 different columns (Group, Test1, Test2 and Test3). I want to select a particular cell such that the group (first column) and the corresponding column (Test1/2/3) will be selected for filtering. For example, if I select a cell under column Test1. I want the filtering to be applied of that row of group and test1 only. If I select a cell under column Test2, only Test2 and group will be applied for filtering.

I know that filter action let you select the column you want to applied on. Is it possible to make the applied column dynamic as you click on different column?


Hello @lampo , welcome to the Quicksight community!

To clarify, you want to only filter one cell or row of a table at a time? I’m not sure that I understand, could you describe your use case or what your preferred outcome would be?

Hi @lampo
based on what you wrote I would say it’s not possible. Because you can only add one select action to a visual.
I guess you could add different menu action (test1,2,3) and use the different columns to set the corresponding parameters.

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Hello @lampo !

Are you still running into this problem? You won’t be able to filter by an individual cell but based on your use case it may be possible to find a workaround to get a similar functionality.

Thanks for the alternative. Yes as you said, only one select action can be added for each visual.
I was hoping we can still use one select action and it knows the row and column (the cell) and dynamically applied filtering on that particular row and column.

The use case I am trying to build is a table for displaying different test group and positivities. In addition of using it to display the correlation, I want to use this table as a filtering tool. As shown in the screenshot, I select the cell (Group C and Drug B Positivity) as an example and I want the rest of the visuals to be filtered by my selection.
Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 2.14.10 PM

Hello @lampo !

The work around I know isn’t exactly the same but is very close:

Demo Central - Interactivity - Highlight selection across visuals

Hello @lampo !

Were you able to try the workaround from Demo central that I posted above?

It wasn’t able to achieve what I wanted… I am going to stick with the different menu option for the different columns I have in that table. Not ideal but I think that’s the closest option.

Thank you all

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