Costum Actions Dynamic naming


Is it possible to dynamically change the name of a table based on a filtering action in another table. For example if I select a row that contains the name of a client in one table, can I show that name in another table that was filtered by the action of selecting the row?

Hi @Gent_Zhubi
Yes, you can use navigation action instead of filter action.

  1. use navigation action to navigate to the same sheet
  2. In the navigation action, set value of a parameter to the selected row’s client name.
  3. use the parameter in the title of the second table


Thank you @n_vetri!

Currently it looks like QucikSight doesn’t support two select actions per visual.

I want to be able to let user perform these two actions (filtering, and changing name) with one select action!

I hope it will be available soon!

Hi @Gent_Zhubi
Please see if this helps.

It uses parameters to highlight selection (you can apply filter - use filter w/ parameter for the visuals) and then use the parameter in another visual (either highlight or change title).
You can open a copy of underlying analysis in the above link by clicking on the edit icon as shown in the image below.



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