Display Column Value in Chart Title

I am trying to create a Title that will include a dynamic column value based on the chart filter. Example:

Tried using Parameter and assigned column field to it, but that didn’t work :confused:

You can change the title but you can’t dynamically hide / remove a column.

You could look into dynamically hiding / showing visuals.

I’m not attempting to hide the column. The attached snapshot was just to explain my use case.

I just wish to display the filtered condition in the title. i.e. If I select John Doe, accordingly his name would display in the title, as “Transactions for John Doe” instead of Jane Doe

When I used Parameters to achieve this, the table filters the data correctly BUT the title still shows “Transactions for All” by default, even if a specific name is selected i.e. filter isn’t working.
That’s where I need help


Please test the following steps

  1. Create a parameter

  2. Create a control using that parameter ( I am selecting the values from the dataset for filtering data )

3)Use the parameter for filtering the data

4)Use the parameter in the title as well


I did the exact same thing. There are a total of 57,000+ unique names and they do not show up in the list for some reason. Is that why the default always shows All, because the list is too huge?

Hello @Ops_Expert - Please follow the below steps and let me know. I tried to simulate your problem at my end and was able to solve it. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the detailed explanation. I’ve been doing the same steps to get the results. However, my use case is: Title based on Interactivity between 2 tables.

The title I need to be dynamic is “Transaction details for $ClientName by default it’s always “All”

I have -

  1. Enabled Actions between TableA and TableB. The Data filters perfectly.
  2. Added parameter $ClientName to the Filter section in both tables as well(values pulling from source dataset). And this isn’t working
    What works:
    When I pull control on the sheet and select-the title updates.

What doesn’t work:
When I select the same value in TableA ; for TableB- the title doesn’t change

I hope this is clear

Hi @Ops_Expert - I think you are close. Rather than using a Filter Action between the two tables, use a Navigation Action, which is typically used to send the user to another sheet, however can also be used to set a parameter value on the same sheet. In the action set the value of your ClientName parameterequale to the actual clientname field used in that first table. Assuming you also have set up the filter on the 2nd table to be driven by this same parameter, the filter will still apply, and the title should update too.

after clicking the +, set like this:

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That worked well! Appreciate the response.
Only problem - I’m trying to do 2 things - filter data + change the title. I am able to add just one select action at a time, but not both. When I tried adding second action to accommodate the title change, I get the message - “Limit 1 select action per visual”.

Hi I got the same issue, only one select action per visual, do you find out the alternative solution?