Aurora Postgresql Serverless V2 supported versions

Earlier this year I had to provision a new Aurora Postgresql serverless v2 cluster with version 13.10 as none of the newer versions that i tested worked with Quicksight.

However this version is reaching EOL and it looks like I’ll need to update to a newer version of Postgresql.

What versions of Postgresql are compatible with Quicksight, I’m using Aurora Serverless V2 (I/O optimized)?

Hi @Sean_B - As per the documentation, QuickSight supported " * PostgreSQL 9.3.1 or later" , I believe any version grater than 9.3.1 ( for postgres) should be supported.

Tagging @duncan @royyung @DylanM for their advise on this as well.

Regards - Sanjeeb

@Sanjeeb2022 ok I’ll give the latest version a try. In the past about 6 months ago I tried different versions of 15 and 14 neither worked. I came across a post elsewhere that said version 13 worked, which it did and just stuck with that the past 6 months.

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