Aurora Serverless vs Athena for trade data analysis

We will be using Quicksight to analyze and create reports on trade data our users upload to our system.
Since we are trying to use as much serverless infrastructure as possible I’m now trying to understand if is better to store trade data from customers in separate s3 buckets and use Athena to query the data or set up Aurora MySql serverless since the users will be accessing the data just on the day they need to get their reports.
I’m just looking at pros and cons(cost wise too and limitation)since I’m new to both solutions.
Any suggestions , insights if anyone has experience with this solutions would be very much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

Hi, there are several online references to find the right data sources for your needs and the trade-offs. Athena is one of the popular data sources that our customers use within QuickSight. If you have data in S3 already, then you are paying Athena only for the query cost and you don’t pay anything while you are not using it. We would recommend you to prototype with both these options and pick the right one that suits your needs. Let us know if there is any specific question that we can answer for you - in terms of these data sources. Thanks!

Hi, @Dom. Did @sureshde’s solution work for you? I am marking their reply as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved. Thanks for posting your questions on the QuickSight Community Q&A Forum!